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Campaign goal totals should be $20,000 or below.

It is the University of Oklahoma Foundation’s policy that every donor is thanked for their contributions. To fulfill that requirement, Thousands Strong campaigns must be accompanied by thank you messaging. The University of Oklahoma Foundation has a template that can be customized for your organization and we will happily thank donors on your behalf. Or, applicants can choose to craft their own thank you messaging or film a video thank you that can be sent out to all applicants.  Simply check the box below that best describes how you would like to thank your donors.
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We collect personal information you provide to us and information about the devices you use to interact with us. We use the information for a number of reasons, including to provide you with relevant information about your donations and the Foundation and our services, and to enhance your overall experience while using our website. We share information with service providers and others to support our mission of serving the University of Oklahoma. We do not sell any of your information. You have choices with respect to our use of your information as described in our Policy. We also have a variety of safeguards in place to help protect your information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time, and those changes become effective when the revised policy is posted to our website. The complete policy, which we encourage you to read, may be found here: Privacy Policy

About Your Gifts

Gifts to the University of Oklahoma are processed by the OU Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is the preferred channel for all private contributions that benefit students and faculty at OU campuses:

OU Norman, OU Health Sciences Center and OU-Tulsa.

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